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Radiant tube used in annealing furnace.


    Annealing furnace as we all know, it is used in the iron and steel industry in a heat treatment furnace, mainly used for large carbon steel, alloy steel parts annealing; Surface hardening parts tempering; Stress relief annealing, aging and other heat treatment processes for welding parts. Heating methods include electric heating, fuel oil, gas, coal burning, hot air circulation.

    When it comes to the electric heating mode of the annealing furnace, it is necessary to say the radiation tube used. Radiation tube for annealing furnace is usually 50mm~300mm in diameter, voltage: 220v, 380v, material: 304 stainless steel, nickel-chromium heating wire, high-temperature wire, power can be customized.

    This kind of radiation tube is usually electric heating radiation tube, the inner core is composed of u-shaped axial arrangement of resistance wire welded at the end and ceramic support frame, there is no shield between the inner core and the outer protection sleeve, so it has good heat dissipation. The support frame is made of high-alumina ceramic parts, and the outer protection sleeve is cold-drawn seamless thin-walled heat-resistant steel pipe made of 1Cr25Ni20Si2 or 1Cr25Ni35Si2. The material has good high-temperature oxidation resistance, high temperature creep strength and certain anti-carburizing performance. So the radiation tube for annealing furnace is favored by many users.

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