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Foundry technology of sink roll is more and more advanced


    Foundry technology of sink roll is becoming more and more advanced. After years of production and research, people have higher and higher requirements on it in terms of material, appearance, performance and other aspects. Therefore, enterprises must work hard in these aspects to develop and meet the needs of customers is the key.

    Sink roll in wear-resistant casting foundry production, wear-resistant casting casting process design is a necessary link, but thousands of wear-resistant casting foundry enterprises in our country, most of the continues casting process design by process design personnel manual calculation and traditional way of manual drawing, although some large enterprises adopt the large casting process simulation software design process, but for the broad masses of small and medium-sized wear-resistant casting foundry enterprises, prices have been high simulation software't them.

    For small and medium-sized casting enterprises with many varieties and new products, the workload of process design is very large. On the one hand, FTCAD software design process can greatly save the design time and win the construction period; on the other hand, it can also design a variety of schemes to strengthen the contrast and optimize the more suitable process scheme to avoid unnecessary losses.

    At present, casting production has higher and higher requirements on quality, casting production pace is accelerating, traditional production technology has not been able to meet the needs of use, and the popularity of the network and the development of science and technology, improve the production technology and technology content of products, product performance and output have been greatly improved.